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Baraem Rowad Al-Khaleej International Kindergarten

Baraem Rowad Al-Khaleej International Kindergarten

School Summary: Baraem Rowad Al-Khaleej International Kindergarten is a private school based in Riyadh. Baraem Rowad Al-Khaleej International Kindergarten is a boys & girls school. American Curriculm is the main curriculm taught in Baraem Rowad Al-Khaleej International Kindergarten

School Name (in Arabic): Not available

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Vision:Baraem Rowad Alkhaleej International Kindergarten has a standards-based education. We use a whole-school approach in implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies to help build 21st Century thinkers. The other areas of study are the Arabic language and Islamic studies taught daily while Physical Education and Art are held twice a week. An after school activity program called The Explorers Club will be offered once a week beginning with the second semester. The Baraem Rowad Alkhaleej International Kindergarten specializes in early childhood. We strongly believe in the whole child approach to education. The whole child approach is supported by research and educational best practices confirming it as the most effective method for optimized student learning. In our early childhood program, students learn through developing their sensory-motor skills, working with educational hands-on activities and materials that develop their cognition through the child’s direct experience with the five senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching and movement. In the elementary grades 1-3, the child continues to organize his thinking through working with the Pearson interdisciplinary curriculum as he or she passes from the concrete to the abstract stage of development. The child begins his or her application of his knowledge to real-world experiences preparing the child for more developmental growth.

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