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My Little School

My Little School

School Summary: My Little School is a private school based in Riyadh. My Little School is a boys & girls school. In terms of fees, My Little School is considered very expensive compared to average school fees in Saudi Arabia. National school is the main curriculm taught in My Little School

School Name (in Arabic): Not available

Address: Members Only

Vision:MLS offers a unique learning environment where children are encouraged to be inquisitive, adventurous, and creative – and expected to be thoughtful and responsible. The main ingredient at MLS is a high-quality program and a highly qualified faculty of staff to execute it. Our curriculum recognises the value of child-initiated active learning. The best early childhood activities build on children's natural curiosity, are matched to children's current and emerging abilities, and allow for exploration and variation rather than having to perform in a single "right way. "Learning is a process of "developmental change" — that is, a process in which we learn by relating and adding new information to what we already know, and if necessary, changing the way we thought before. Learning does not happen when children are simply told something. To learn, they must see and do things for themselves, with parents and teachers present to encourage and challenge their thinking. Children must be secure and confident in what they already know before they are ready to move to the next level. When High-Scope says adults support and extend children's learning, it means that the adults first validate, or support, what children already know, and then challenge them to extend their thinking to the next level.

Grade Annual Fees (Saudi Riyal)
Pre KG Members Only
KG1 Members Only
KG2 Members Only
G1 Members Only
G2 Members Only
G3 Members Only
G4 Members Only
G5 Members Only

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