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Hejaz National Schools

Hejaz National Schools

School Summary: Hejaz National Schools is a private school based in Jeddah. Hejaz National Schools is a boys & girls school. In terms of fees, Hejaz National Schools is considered below average compared to average school fees in Saudi Arabia. British Curriculm is the main curriculm taught in Hejaz National Schools

School Name (in Arabic): Not available

Address: Members Only

Vision:Al Hejaz is an international school based in Jeddah. The School is licensed by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education and delivers a British Curriculum. The language of education within the school is English. As part of its commitment to support the strengthening of Saudi identity and Islamic ethos, and in keeping with Ministry of Education rules, the school also delivers Arabic, Islamic studies, the History and Geography of the Saudi Kingdom and Quran lessons in the Arabic language. The school caters for boys and girls ranging from Kindergarten (KG) to IGCSE. Children can enter the school from as young as 2 years and 9 months (KG1) and currently they leave after completing their IGCSE at age 16 (Grade 10). After the KG stage, boys and girls are taught in separate classes. Boys up to the end of Grade 3 and all girls are taught by female staff only. From Grade 4 onwards boys learn in a separate section of the building and are taught by male staff only. When established in 2001 the school was originally known as the Garnatah International School. In 2005 the school was taken over by the current owners, the Marei Bin Mahfouz Group, who re-named it The Al Hejaz International School, undertook major improvements and spent considerable resources on improving the infrastructure of the school. This included the building of a swimming pool, the creation of specialist science laboratories, the establishment of ICT rooms and the renovation of the school’s auditorium. This investment and the group’s commitment to high quality education led to the establishment of a good reputation with parents and enabled the school to grow in size. The school currently caters for over 900 students.

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