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Al-Omam International School

Al-Omam International School

School Summary: Al-Omam International School is a private school based in Jeddah. Al-Omam International School is a boys & girls school. In terms of fees, Al-Omam International School is considered above average compared to average school fees in Saudi Arabia. American Curriculm is the main curriculm taught in Al-Omam International School

School Name (in Arabic): Not available

Address: Members Only

Vision:Welcome to AlOmam International School Jeddah where a new opportunity awaits everyone of us, as we journey and grow together. Everything we do at AlOmam focuses on providing our students with the best educational experience possible, developing the intellect and character of each student. We provide an outstanding American education in the Kingdom of Saudi ensuring Arabic and Islamic Studies for all levels. At AlOmam we are proud of our dedicated staff and well equipped educational facilities, all offered within a challenging and friendly environment.

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