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Al Falah International School

Al Falah International School

School Summary: Al Falah International School is a private school based in Jeddah. Al Falah International School is a boys & girls school. In terms of fees, Al Falah International School is considered Extremly below average compared to average school fees in Saudi Arabia.

School Name (in Arabic): Not available

Address: Members Only

Vision:Delhi Public Schools, with the motto "Service Before Self", have been serving the Society in the field of education for the last 56 years. There are presently as many as 130 schools under its aegis, both in and outside India. The growing number of schools under this organizational umbrella signifies how the need to provide meaningful education to a large number of children, desirous of growing into educated & liberated human beings, has been fulfilled. Founded and managed by distinguished members and luminaries of society, culled from the various walks of life, the organization has always guided its member schools on the path of progress with their visionary approach & lofty ideas. Consequently, Delhi Public Schools have become significant portals of learning and growth of young minds

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