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Al Iqbal International School Riyadh

Al Iqbal International School Riyadh

School Summary: Al Iqbal International School Riyadh is a private school based in Riyadh. Al Iqbal International School Riyadh is a boys school. In terms of fees, Al Iqbal International School Riyadh is considered very expensive compared to average school fees in Saudi Arabia. pakistan Curriculm is the main curriculm taught in Al Iqbal International School Riyadh

School Name (in Arabic): Not available

Address: Members Only

Vision:Al-iqbal international school was established in 2005 under the supervision of the ministry of education- National and Foreign department. Al-iqbal international school (AIS) started as an international school with a Pakistani license. Most of the students who were enrolled in the school were Pakistani and about 20% of Arab and different nationalities. AIS used to offer the Federal Board program and the IG program .In 2008/2009 there was a major change in AIS. Al-iqbal International school has been turned into an American school with American Curriculum. The school hosted a CITA visit and it holds now a candidacy status. The school used to host up to grade 9 but for the academic year 2009-2010 the school will host up to grade 11.The school will host a final visit for accreditation for the year 2010-2011.Currently, the school hosts students of different nationalities:50% of the students are Egyptians,20% are Palestinians and Jordanians,5% Syrians and the rest from different nationalities. IS offers the American Diploma Program and it offers a balanced curriculum. The school has three priorities for the year 2009-2010:1- academics, 2-ethics and values and3- Activates. The overall objective is to care for the whole children development and preparing them for life.

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