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Manarat International School

Manarat International School

School Summary: Manarat International School is a private school based in Jeddah. Manarat International School is a boys & girls school. In terms of fees, Manarat International School is considered above average compared to average school fees in Saudi Arabia. International school is the main curriculm taught in Manarat International School

School Name (in Arabic): Not available

Address: Members Only

Vision:manarat of Jeddah is the first nucleus of schools beacons kingdom, founded in 1392 by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed al-Faisal, and was launched in the sky of evolution and development and has built its strategy on teaching thinking and creative thinking. Manarat Jeddah has several sections: 1. Primary section Arab boys. 2. The average English boys section. 3. Secondary English boys section. 4. Global Division Boys (kindergarten - Aptdi - Medium - secondary). 5. Global Division girls (kindergarten - Aptdi - Medium - secondary). Arab girls section (Riad Children - Aptdi - Medium - secondary).

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