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Kingdom Schools (AdvanceED)

Kingdom Schools (AdvanceED)

School Summary: Kingdom Schools (AdvanceED) is a private school based in Riyadh. Kingdom Schools (AdvanceED) is a boys & girls school. In terms of fees, Kingdom Schools (AdvanceED) is considered very expensive compared to average school fees in Saudi Arabia. National school is the main curriculm taught in Kingdom Schools (AdvanceED)

School Name (in Arabic): Not available

Address: Members Only

Vision:GEMS Education is the largest kindergarten to grade 12 private school operator in the world. With 50 years of experience, GEMS Education is a global, multi-faceted education company which owns and operates as well as provides education support services to both the public and private sectors.

Grade Annual Fees (Saudi Riyal)
G7 Members Only
G8 Members Only
G9 Members Only
G10 Members Only
G11 Members Only
G12 Members Only

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