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Future Window International School

Future Window International School

School Summary: Future Window International School is a private school based in Riyadh. Future Window International School is a boys & girls school. American Curriculm is the main curriculm taught in Future Window International School

School Name (in Arabic): Not available

Address: Members Only

Vision:Our Core Values& Beliefs: 1- We are an inclusive and involved community of students, teachers and parents. 2- We appreciate each member of our community as an individual with unique talents and abilities. 3- We embrace the American philosophy of education and its approach to teaching that emphasizes critical thinking skills, creativity and inquiry based learning. 4- We deliver an internationally focused curriculum that encourages open mindedness, tolerance and cross-cultural understanding. 5- We respect our host country’s culture, traditions and environment. 6- We require personal integrity and ethical behavior. 7- We advocate social responsibility and community service. 8- We promote an open and caring dialogue in which each voice is heard

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